Angelli & Keith – Wedding Photography Wiltshire

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Angelli & Keith had the most spectacularly sunny October day ever for their wedding in Swindon, Wiltshire during October.

The ceremony was at their regular church in the town and they had asked for both formal and candid photographs in the nearby Queens Park before heading off to the Hilton Hotel where they had their reception.

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Sally-Anne & Ashley – Wedding Photography Gloucestershire

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Ceremony: Nibley House, Gloucesterhire
Reception: Elm Tree Farm, Gloucestershire

Earlier in the year I had photographed Sally-Anne’s sisters wedding, so it came as a pleasant surprise when Sal asked me to shoot her wedding too.

Sally-Anne and Ashley had chosen the lovely Nibley House for their ceremony. This house is a small, family run venue suitable for somewhere over 60 guests (more if using a marquee on the lawn) and overlooks the wide Severn Vale.

Sal arrived in style and following the ceremony, drinks and family photographs, the party moved on to Elm Tree Farm in Frocester, where a large marquee and converted barn set the scene for the evening festivities.

I love this kind of slightly quirky venue, as you never quite know what to expect. and it always ends up simply fantastic.

Rhiannon & Duncan – Clearwell Castle Wedding Photography

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Rhiannon and Duncan were lucky enough to get a short notice wedding date at the gorgeous Clearwell Castle in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.
Rhi stayed at the lodge the night before, so I arrived early enough to capture some of the madness which is the bride and bridemaids prerogative on this day.
Duncan on the other hand, arrived cool and collected. Too cool for a man with a broken hand wrapped in bandages…(don’t ask…)
I cannot say how much I enjoyed this day. Family and friends were great, easy to get along with. And the late summer sunshire only gave way to April showers twice during the afternoon – Ah, English summertime at its best.


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Danielle & Steve – Cirencester Wedding Photography Gloucestershire

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Danielle and Steve were getting married in their local church, St Peters, in Stratton near Cirencester in the Late summer.

What a pretty location!  And stunning blue skies and warm weather made for a maginificent backdrop to a great day.

Accompanied by their 3 daughters and son, who had a thoroughly good time both at the church and the reception which was held at the Stratton hotel just 1/4 mile down the road, Danielle and Steve looked relaxed throughout the day.

Even if the vicar looked somewhat bored when Danielle exercised her right to be just a bit late.


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