Danielle & Steve – Cirencester Wedding Photography Gloucestershire

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Danielle and Steve were getting married in their local church, St Peters, in Stratton near Cirencester in the Late summer.

What a pretty location!  And stunning blue skies and warm weather made for a maginificent backdrop to a great day.

Accompanied by their 3 daughters and son, who had a thoroughly good time both at the church and the reception which was held at the Stratton hotel just 1/4 mile down the road, Danielle and Steve looked relaxed throughout the day.

Even if the vicar looked somewhat bored when Danielle exercised her right to be just a bit late.


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Lyndsey & Damien – Wedding Photography Gloucestershire

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Lyndsey and Damien met on a charity bike ride in Africa!  However, they decided to have their wedding a little nearer to home and chose the Cirencester Water Park Hotel.

Talk about dramatic.  Heavy clouds rolled in, brooding darkly in the sky.  An enormous crash heralded the arrival of a lightning storm.

Very sub-continent.  I feel a Toto song coming on (OK, some of you are probably far too young to know what I’m on about)


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