Rhiannon & Duncan – Clearwell Castle Wedding Photography

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Rhiannon and Duncan were lucky enough to get a short notice wedding date at the gorgeous Clearwell Castle in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.
Rhi stayed at the lodge the night before, so I arrived early enough to capture some of the madness which is the bride and bridemaids prerogative on this day.
Duncan on the other hand, arrived cool and collected. Too cool for a man with a broken hand wrapped in bandages…(don’t ask…)
I cannot say how much I enjoyed this day. Family and friends were great, easy to get along with. And the late summer sunshire only gave way to April showers twice during the afternoon – Ah, English summertime at its best.


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Jess & Tom – Clearwell Castle Wedding Photography Gloucestershire

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Jess and Tom have been together since they were at college.  They are one of those dynamic couples, driven by the same things, ready for a challenge.  And great fun.

Originally they had spoken to us about their wedding which was going to be sometime late 2012.  But things changed when they got a cancellation from Clearwell Castle and brought their plans forward a whole two years!

Wow, what a whirlwind.

But the day they were married could not have been more spectacular had they waited .  The Autumn colour of the trees was to die for.  Honestly.

Theirs is one wedding I will never forget!


TAGS:  Clearwell Castle Wedding Photography Gloucestershire, Autumn, Summer